1. zacharysquinto:

    Zachary Quinto for AUGUSTMAN Malaysia (May 2013)
  2. nastysha203:

    Seb in Bejing (Photos by takano_gao)

  3. Beijing 

  4. i never thought i would read a sentence like this

  5. kawaiitheo:

Eiffel Tower at Sunset ~ By Anthony Gelot
  6. anyhoodle:

[aggressively reblogs star ship warp sparkles]


    [aggressively reblogs star ship warp sparkles]

  7. title: Hooked On a Feeling
    artist: Blue Swede
    album: Guardians of the Galaxy trailer
    played: 25,897 times


    From the first trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy (x)

  8. Sebastian and Jenson, China 2014

  9. itgoeswrooom:

Sebastian overtaking backmarkers up the stairs.


    Sebastian overtaking backmarkers up the stairs.

  10. godbless-st-cyr:

    Are you okay, Tumblr?

  11. Basically the idea is to have a name so you can attach a little bit more to the car.

    It has to be a woman’s name because we (the mechanics and I) believe the car is very beautiful, therefore it would be wrong to call it Dave or something like that! (laughs)

    — Sebastian Vettel on naming his cars (via fans-of-sebastian-vettel)
  12. The three most heartbreaking soundtrack moments of 2013 Movies

  13. fans-of-sebastian-vettel:

    Pictures of Sebastian Vettel on instagram.

    [pic 1 - jameschc, pic 2 - wenn1e, pic 3 - julioespinoza1]

  14. teandkimi:


    Selfie of the year!

    he’s good at it! =P 

  15. tardis-mind-palace:




    You know how people buy drinks for girls in bars? Why can’t people do that in book stores? Like if I’m looking at a novel in Barnes and Noble and some person walks up to me and strikes up a conversation and offers to buy the book for me there is a lot better chance of that working out in their favor

    I’m going to reblog this until it’s a cultural norm.

    Lets do it

    plus less chance of drugs being slipped into your book